Welcome to the website of the Welcome to the Alternative Lifestyle Christians Group of Texas! You may have come here because you are searching for a church home. You may have come here to find out what the Independent Catholic Church is all about. You may have come here by accident. I want to share with you why we and many other Independent Jurisdictions have come into existence.

St. Francis of Assisi is our patron saint. “Francis, rebuild my church.” This message from God to Francis inspired him not only to rebuild the physical structures of the Church but its rebirth and reformation as a community. St. Francis was a man of few words, but great action. Our franciscan spirituality comes from studying his actions. As he said, “Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words.” Francis’ life was marked by a love for poverty, humility, creation, and simplicity. As followers of St. Francis, we too strive to live in poverty, humility, and simplicity. We see God in his creation. To many Christians of his and our day, the spirit of Francis, the spirit of the Independent Movement, was and is like water in the desert. We strive to live the Gospel in small groups and with such warmth and sincerity that the people around us are, we hope, reminded once again of the early Christians when they realized that they were Christ’s body. Like Christ, the early Christians healed the sick, fed the hungry, protected the poor, and confronted evil, set free those bound. For us as with Francis, Church is family – the extended family of sisters and brothers throughout the globe sharing the gospel of Christ.

We understand the Church as:

The Body of Christ: the community of believers, women and men, who are the physical expression of Jesus on earth.

An Institution: a group of persons organized for a similar purpose.

A Sacrament: a sign of God’s saving love.

The Herald of God’s Word: the messenger to proclaim the Word of God to all people everywhere.

The Servant: in the name of Jesus, the servant of the human family, following the Beatitudes.

We are Christians who follow Jesus in the traditions of universal church and adhere to the seven sacraments passed down to us. We are Apostolic as we have kept the apostolic lines of Succession and Preach and Teach what the Apostles Preached and Taught.

Jesus told Peter to “feed his flock” with this in mind our doors are open to everyone. Since he did not tell us it was up to us to decide who his “sheep” (People) are.

Our Jurisdiction is represented in the Southwestern region of the United States. If you are in need of any assistance, whether or not you reside in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note the Alternative Lifestyle Christians Group of Texas is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or any other jurisdiction. We are an autocephalous denomination.

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