Sexual Therapy for Chrisians

Maybe you heard about sexual therapy. It’s a growing phenomenon and we couldn’t to pass it by. There are a lot of sex counselors who act as a psychologist or coach and guide you into the modern world of sexual lifestyles and practices. For example, he can advice you to go to swingers club (we wrote about swing and christianity here) or give you the book on ancient tantric practices, which can improve your and your partner (who can be same sex partner) sexual life and health.

One of our parishioners asked question:

“Dear priest! Psychologists and doctors claim that sexual therapy is good. But sex is a sin. Pls, clarify, how sexual therapy can help if I’m christian? How often can I do it?”

According to last statement of such respected christian leader as a Pope Francis, sex is a gift of God. Any kinds of sex related to love is saint and increase your quality of life which means that you will serve the God better!

Look this amazing video on sexual therapy for disabled ones and think about it. What it if not the true love and serving to people and god!