Sex is a gift from God!

We want to raise the subject we raised at our christian swingers page. We live in a miracle century: what was forbidden and victimized now becoming a trend. We are glad that we started our movement on same sex marriage, gay sex, and open sexual/swinging lifestyle liberation so long time ago. Suppose our church mission put a some fire into global process of opening of society to the new vision of relationships, sex and lifestyle. We believe, that less guilt, unsuppressed love and sexuality is the key to happy and balanced live.

And we happy that world spiritual leaders joining us! Pope Francis just claimed in public, that “Sex is a gift of God. Not a taboo”. Of course he has his own view on this, he also claimed that sex without love is a sin. But we look at it as at quite complex question. What is love? Can people who just met, feel love immediately, even when they know they met for a short time? We answer: “yes! They can!” Love is don’t know borders of time. Love is unlimited!


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Christian Swingers

Welcome to our christian swingers page! Here we collect materials about christians and swinging sexual lifestyle. According to analytics on some swingers clubs directory, there are hundreds of swingers clubs at some countries. And it’s excluding USA. Because USA stays at the top of the world – some states counting up to several hundreds of clubs! Read more…